It’s time for the 2019 race season! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love endurance running and triathlons. It’s hard to believe that my first marathon was 14 years ago!  Over that time I have done 11 marathons, numerous half marathons , 5ks and 10ks, 11 half ironman triathlons, 5 full ironman triathlons, and just last year my first 50K at the Barkley Fall Classic. Suffice it to say, all those races and training takes its toll on the body. For that reason I am always looking for ways to not only improve my performance, but also my recovery. However, I also want to make sure any type of supplement I use is both safe and effective. While doing research on recovery and performance I stumbled across AltRed.

AltRed is a fairly new supplement that is comprised of the phytonutrient betalain. Betalain is a component of beetroot that, in its separated and concentrated form patented to AltRed, has been found in clinical studies to improve oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid production, and decrease markers of muscle damage. This means higher power on the bike, faster times on the run, stronger swims, and enhanced recovery. Based on my personal experience, I can attest to the fact that it works. I have already seen my FTP on the bike go up by 10 watts, my 100 meter swim time decrease by 15 seconds, and increased VO2 max on my runs. And because of this I have become a brand ambassador for AltRed for the 2019 race season. I will be sporting the AltRed logo and touting its benefits at races because it is truly a brand that I believe in and support.

Check out the studies here and here. I’m not one that likes to shell out money for a placebo, which many miracle supplements out there turn out to be. That is why I was impressed by the research that was undertaken to show the benefits of AltRed. Plus, it is plant based and all natural. It is NSF Certified for Sport™. This ensures that AltRed meets NSF’s stringent independent certification process guidelines for dietary supplements and supplements intended for use by athletes. If you’re interested in learning more check out the website or send me a message. If you’re interested in trying it yourself you can get 15% off using my referral code hsmith-altred which can be used as often as you want. This is not just a supplement for triathletes. Any type of endurance athlete can benefit from AltRed to aid in their training and recovery. Trust me, I’m a doctor 😀